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Consulting Packages

Option 1:
Phone Consult & Follow-up
Option 2:
6-Week Cash Flow Boot Camp
Option 3:
Business Rescue Mission

Consulting Option #1: Phone Consult and Follow-Up

Doctor, Doctor! My Business Doesn’t Feel Too Good…What Can the Problem Be?

Businesses are as complex as the human body so it can be difficult for you, the business owner, to diagnose the problems cropping up in your business, especially since you’ve got your head down working at a hundred different tasks. You can spend countless hours of frustration trying to sort out the problems, asking yourself the same questions over and over, and banging your head on your desk OR you can spend a short, focused 90 minutes getting expert insights into your business. Let’s put a name to the pain so you can begin solving the underlying problems and start moving your business forward today. You’ll gain fresh insight into your business, have an expert sounding board for your concerns, and a renewed sense of confidence that you’re going in the right direction.

If you’re looking for a confidential, trusted advisor to give you apply-it-now practical advice or to help you understand what your next best steps are, this consulting package is designed for you. You’ll get an initial one hour phone conversation with Caroline Grimm and a followup conversation (usually scheduled a week after the initial call) to answer any questions you may have as you begin implementing your plan. After placing your order, Caroline will email you within 24 hours to give you available time slots so you can choose one that works for your schedule.

Your tax deductible investment: $497

Order Your Phone Consult and Follow-Up Now

My small business was floating toward the sea of oblivion. All the while taking on water. Suffice it to say things hadn’t been grand. I found Caroline Grimm’s website and read an article describing a business in trouble that sounded just like mine. Taking a chance, I decided to email looking for help. In very short order, Caroline replied with an offer to talk through some of my issues.

When Caroline and I spoke, I was most impressed. Not only did Caroline understand my plight, she had concrete, do-able suggestions about “my” business. Caroline was friendly and sympathetic, but most of all practical and helpful. Over the course of our brief conversation, she offered three specific things I could do, track, and measure for effectiveness—pretty good for one conversation!

At the end of our talk, Caroline didn’t pressure me to sign-up for more. But rather, she wished me well and asked that I let her know how things progress. Why? Because, as I learned, she genuinely cares that I succeed. Can you beat that? No, you can’t.

Wayne Thompson, Business Owner & Voice Over Artist

Birmingham, Alabama

Consulting Option #2

The 6 Week Get-My-Cash-Flow-In-Shape Boot Camp

Need a structured one-to-one confidential program to sort out and fix your business problems? In this six week focused program, we work together to diagnose your problems, create a do-able, practical plan to address the problems, create realistic goals and action items, and develop a disciplined approach to solving problems.

We’ll talk by phone each week for six weeks and in between you’ll have unlimited email access to Caroline to help move you forward. Every step of the way, you have a trusted advisor to serve as your sounding board, guiding you with proven, effective techniques as you begin solving your business problems. Together we’ll develop a focused plan that you’ll be able to continue implementing long after the six weeks is done.

Your tax deductible investment: $4997.

Order Your Cash Flow Boot Camp Consultations now

I have been working with Caroline for a few years now and she never stops pushing us toward something better. Each time we reach a goal that was set; she encourages us to set another, higher goal.

One of the biggest differences I’ve found working with Caroline vs. other individuals offering similar services is her attitude. She is a realist and helps you to set and maintain realistic goals, while all the time being an unwavering optimist.

She didn’t only change our financial picture here at High Tech Fire Protection, she changed our way of thinking; things we thought were impossible for us, she helped us see as possible, attainable and even necessary.

It’s sometimes difficult to admit you don’t know all you need to know to run your own business; you can feel like a failure, embarrassed. Caroline works with you, without pretense or judgment, to make your business thrive. She has more than just the required skill set and knowledge; she has the heart, and to our company her heart is what has made all the difference.

I’m not certain where we would be today without Caroline; she took a company in financial distress, with owners who were all but defeated and turned us into a profitable, happy, goal achieving machine. She is all she claims to be and so much more; thank you Caroline Grimm, for everything!

Richard Smith, Business Owner

High Tech Fire Protection, Poland, Maine

Consulting Option #3

Help! We’re in Big Trouble and Need a Financial Rescue Mission

Business problems come in all sizes including the large, hairy gorilla size. If you’re faced with what seem to be insurmountable problems, this is the option for you. I’ve worked with business owners who faced severe, multi-layered problems—potential bankruptcy, behind on bank loans, taxes, employee pension payments, and shut off by vendors. If you’re staring into the abyss and wondering if anything can be done to save your business, we should talk. Right away. Please send me an email using the form below.

Will Caroline take on your business for a financial rescue mission? Maybe. Because of the complexity and variety of business problems that may be present, it’s best if we talk first. Please use the form below to request an exploratory conversation to see if your business is a good candidate for a cash flow makeover.