From Chaos to Control

No More Skin-of-the-Teeth Payrolls, Late-Paying Customers, Overdue Bills, and Crisis-Mode Money Management

Which of these small business headaches keeps you awake at night?

  • Working long hours with little to show for your labors
  • Constantly robbing Peter to pay Paul as you struggle to pay bills
  • Customers taking their sweet time to pay you what they owe you
  • Worrying about how you’ll cover payroll every week
  • Seeing your personal finances drained as you try to keep your business afloat
  • Unable to afford equipment, vehicles, or computers to keep your business going
  • Owing back taxes and not understanding how it could be possible to owe so much
  • Creditors and vendors making threats and demands
  • Postponing personal expenses, and maybe even postponing taking a paycheck
  • Never seeming to get ahead no matter what you do

If you’re experiencing any or all of these problems, you’re not alone. It’s a common lament among business owners. Every day can seem like an endless parade of problems. You overcome one crisis and another is just around the corner.

It would be easy enough to blame it all on the customers who don’t pay, the unfairness of foreign competition, the dastardly Republicans/Democrats, or Aliens from the Planet Xenon. But that still doesn’t get you any closer to success.
Chaos to Control: How to move beyond crisis mode money management home study course
Imagine what your business would be like without all those problems. If, instead of constantly fighting fires, you could calmly move your business forward. Forward to fewer headaches and more financial rewards. What if you could get to a place where you can run your business instead feeling like your business is running you?

My name is Caroline Grimm and in my 25 years as an accountant and consultant, I’ve helped scores of struggling business owners take control of their businesses and solve the problems that keep them from succeeding. I work with businesses that are on the brink of disaster and businesses that suffer from a “failure to thrive.” The businesses are in many different industries and my clients have varying degrees of experience from first-time entrepreneurs to grizzled veterans. But, the underlying problems in the business are always the same.

The Problem That Has No Name

All the clients I’ve worked with know that something is wrong in their businesses and they struggle to put a finger on it. If they could figure out what the problem is they could take steps to solve it. But, nailing down just what’s wrong can be difficult, particularly when chaos rules the day. When every day is a painful grind of skin-of-the-teeth payrolls, late-paying customers, overdue bills, and crisis-mode money management.

What business owners often don’t know is that these seemingly separate problems are all related to one critical element. One vitally important problem is at the root. That problem has a name. It’s called Cash Flow. Solve the Cash Flow problem and the other problems disappear, slinking off into the night, never to be seen again.

When we were at the lowest point, it didn’t seem like we could ever get the business back on track. All we knew how to do was put our heads down and keep working harder. We were overwhelmed and couldn’t see any way for things to get better. Caroline Grimm had a big picture plan for our business, and the compassion and perseverance to lead us out of the dark tunnel that we thought we would never escape.

Rick Smith, Business Owner

Jerric Corp., Poland, ME

Cash Flow Problems Solved!

Knowing or suspecting that your business has cash flow problems is the first step to developing a plan to overcome those problems. The second step is getting guidance from someone who understands the problem to help you move forward confidently, knowing you are taking the right steps to correct what’s wrong.

To help you solve the problems in your business that cause you headaches, I have developed the self-study course From Chaos to Control to guide you through:

  • Diagnosing specific issues in your business that may be creating problems.
  • Telling you step-by-step what to look for and how to find it.
  • Helping you know what steps are best to take next.
  • Showing you how to use simple but powerful tools to steady your business.
  • Giving you apply-it-now action steps to start solving problems immediately.

After completing the course, you have a realistic, unique plan for banishing cash flow problems permanently from your business.

The course includes the following real world, practical lessons on audio CD:

Lesson 1: Putting the “Fun” in Fundamentals

  • How to quickly and simply understand the money side of your business.
  • What your accountant wishes you knew but doesn’t know how to tell you.
  • How to speak the language of numbers with confidence.
  • What numbers you need to track and how often.
  • Discover how to overcome math-phobia and cozy up to your calculator.

Lesson 2: It’s a Jungle Out There

  • Learn the important relationship between sales and cash flow.
  • Discover effective tactics to increase sales.
  • Why having the lowest prices in town is a recipe for poverty.
  • How to attract a better class of customer—the paying kind.
  • Surviving well in a dismal economy.

Lesson 3: A Pocketful of Promises

  • How to encourage your customers to pay on time.
  • Discover tactics that make sure you’re at the top of the list in getting paid.
  • How to deal with difficult delinquent payment situations.
  • Why being a “Nice Guy” can get you paid sooner.
  • How beginning with the end in mind will keep cash rolling in at a steady pace.

Lesson 4: The Dreaded Death Spiral

  • How to overcome a mountain of unpaid bills.
  • Why the first action business owners always take is the worst.
  • Taking control of your finances out of the hands of your vendors and creditors.
  • Prioritizing expenses so your business can continue to function.
  • Developing a step-by-step plan to get out of debt.

Lesson 5: Breaking the Code

  • How to quickly and easily measure the results in your business.
  • Discover what key financial information you need to track.
  • What the numbers tell you about the health of your business.
  • Using past results to calmly predict the future.
  • How to plan and achieve profitability.

Lesson 6: Playing with Power Tools

  • Easy-to-use tools to help you plan your next moves.
  • How to calculate the most important number you should know.
  • The most important tool you need to solve cash flow problems.
  • How to predict what your cash balance will be SIX MONTHS from now.
  • Surprisingly easy tactics that get you moving down the road to prosperity.

Lesson 7: The Road to Recovery

  • Putting together a complete plan to move your business forward.
  • Simple, bite-sized steps to get results despite a tight schedule.
  • A crucial tip that will keep you from losing ground.
  • Easy ways to make cash flow a priority every day.
  • Using cash flow knowledge to make decisions that make you richer not poorer.

Each audio lesson is accompanied by transcripts, easy-to-understand examples, real world war stories of what to do or not do, and do-it-today guidance to help you determine what steps are best for your particular business situation.

In addition to the lessons, you will receive autographed copies of two of my books:

Strength in Numbers: The Entrepreneur’s Field Guide to Small Business Finances

Stop the Cash Flow Roller Coaster, I Want to Get Off!
Also included is the Bonus CD:

Behind the Curtain: Secrets of the Wizard of Cash Flow

A question and answer session conducted by Kathy Goughenour of Expert VA Training.

Behind the Curtain: Secrets of the Wizard of Cash Flow: questions and answers about small business money management

Is This Course Right for You?

Will this course solve your business problems? Not right away, no. What it will do is give you the tools you need so that you, the business owner, can solve your business problems. That’s what it’s all about. It’s about putting you back in the driver’s seat, putting you firmly in control of your business with less stress, drama, worry, and sleepless nights. What you’ll have after completing the course and applying the lessons is a business that rewards you for your hard work. Rewards you with higher profits, smoother cash flow, and with the tools to operate your business with increased confidence.

If you’re down to your last thin dime or the wolf is howling at the door, this course is probably not your best use of that money. Instead, explore my consulting options for a hands-on intervention or delve into the free resources available on this website.

If your business constantly struggles with cash flow problems or it’s been floating along, never achieving its potential, then this is the right resource for you.

Caroline Grimm isn’t the kind of consultant who gives advice and then disappears into the night. She keeps in touch with us to give us updates and advice. She always discusses our options with us so we can make decisions based on relevant facts. And she does it all with an unwavering level of integrity and honesty.

Sue Kirk, President

Steep Falls Library Association, Steep Falls, ME

What’s the Cost?

Chaos to Control: How to move beyond crisis mode money management home study courseThe course is available in two options:

Option #1: The Complete Do-It-Yourself Course including:

  • audio lessons
  • transcripts
  • easy-to-understand examples
  • step-by-step guidance
  • copy of Strength in Numbers
  • copy of Stop the Cash Flow Roller Coaster
  • Bonus CD Behind the Curtain

$497: Complete Do-It-Yourself Course

Option #2: “I Need Professional Help” Packageincluding:

  • Complete set of course materials in Option 1
  • 3 personal consulting sessions by phone with The Wizard of Cash Flow Caroline Grimm
  • direct email access to Caroline to get help with putting your plan in motion

The consulting sessions are designed to quickly focus on the problem areas in your specific business, develop a fast-track plan to overcome the biggest challenges, and a follow-up session to answer questions as they arise. In between sessions you have email access to Caroline to get help with putting the plan in motion.

$1997: Chaos to Control +Professional Consultation

Caroline, I don’t know what I’d do without you. Not only have you supported me through all the everyday challenges of the business, you’ve been a friend during the tough times, too. I know I can always count on you to help me when I get in a bind. Which happens a lot!

Karen Cote, Accountant

Northeastern Automatic Door, Westbrook, ME

What’s In It For You?

If the mere thought of freeing yourself from the daily pressures of crisis-mode money management brings you a sense of relief, think what actually being able to accomplish that goal could do for you:
  • Instead of praying you’ll make payroll, cash is in the bank well in advance.
  • You’ll spend less time and energy chasing your customers for money.
  • Vendors and creditors will stop harassing you for payment.
  • You will no longer have unexpected financial emergencies.
  • You’ll know how much you can spend and when you can spend it.
  • The balance in your checking account will become steady and predictable.
  • You’ll have emergency funds so rainy days will no longer terrify you.
The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll get results. If you’re ready to finally banish the chronic money problems from your business and create a strong, successful enterprise order now. Please note: At this time we are only shipping to mailing addresses in the United States.