Does Your Business Suffer From These Symptoms of Roller Coaster Cash Flow?

Cash Flow Roller Coaster (book)
$19.95 Paperback (3rd Edition)

Do you find yourself wondering every week whether you’ll make payroll? Is your business flush with cash one week and starved for cash the next? Are you often surprised by money emergencies? Do your business finances feel out of control? Do you find it hard to plan for the future because you never know if you’ll have cash? If so, your business may be experiencing a case of Roller Coaster Cash Flow—that small business phenomenon that keeps business owners tossing and turning at night wondering how the bills will get paid.

If you’re experiencing the queasiness of the ups and downs of the Cash Flow Roller Coaster, you’re not alone. If you peek behind the curtain of businesses that fail, you’ll uncover an uncomfortable secret. Many businesses fail because they simple run out of cash. Like a car without gas, your business cannot run without the sustaining fuel of cash—cash to keep the lights on, merchandise on the shelf, employees paid, and the owner fed.

My name is Caroline Grimm. I’m known as The Wizard of Cash Flow because I’ve dedicated the past twenty years of my career as a consultant to unraveling the mysteries of business problems that create roller coaster cash flow. Problems that, unsolved, can cause a business to end up as a listing on the Small Business Obituary page.

Based on the scores of financial rescue missions I’ve performed for my clients, I literally “wrote the book” on small business cash flow so you can move beyond the queasy ups and downs of the roller coaster to a smooth, new ride where you know in advance when you can expect cash to arrive and you have the security of knowing you can pay your bills. My book, Stop the Cash Flow Roller Coaster, provides a practical, nuts and bolts, step-by-step roadmap to preventing, resolving, and moving beyond cash flow problems. It is written for novice and experienced business owners by a cash flow expert who understands the rough and tumble world of small business. Currently in its third edition, this book is 204 pages full of tactics, tips, and techniques for banishing cash flow problems from your business.

After reading Stop the Cash Flow Roller Coaster, I was determined to change the way I managed our finances, and right at that point really turned a corner in the way I manage our business. I’ve become almost obsessive about looking at all of our numbers daily—what’s been charged, spent, billed, and collected.

I used to be on pins and needles waiting for receivables to come in to meet all our obligations, simply because I wasn’t planning ahead. Now I know what to expect, and have a plan for handling it. The peace of mind is incredible.
Lisa Taft, Preston, Inc., Santa Cruz, CA

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find in this book:

  • The one mistake business owners MUST avoid. This mistake alone causes more cash flow headaches than any other.
  • The four potentially lethal causes of cash flow problems.
  • How to get your customers to pay on time without uncomfortable collection calls.
  • How to charge more for your products or services without driving your customer away.
  • Why making a profit is NOT the most important goal of your business.
  • The one number every business owner MUST know to create success.
  • How to plug the leaks in your business that quietly drain away your cash.

If you’re worried this might be some dry, boring textbook that will cause you to black out from sheer boredom, read this:

“Caroline, your cash flow book is not only informational and well-written, it’s truly fun to read. Who knew cash flow could be so comical?”

Heidi Blake, Owner, Ace Insurance Agency, Denmark, ME

“Imagine a humorous, easy-to-understand book on how to get your business’s financial affairs in order so that you have the cash flow necessary to survive and thrive. Author Caroline Grimm also offers remedies for common problems that are simple to put into place once you understand the reasons for them, which she explains clearly and succinctly.”

Marcia Yudkin, Author of 6 Steps to Free Publicity and 15 other books

Take a roller coaster ride at the amusement park if you need a thrill, but get the cash flow roller coaster out of your business and onto the scrap heap where it belongs. With Stop the Cash Flow Roller Coaster, youwill move beyond the sickening plunges of uncertainty and you’ll soon be riding high and smooth towards a steady, calm, and prosperous financial future.

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Cash Flow Roller Coaster (book) $19.95 Paperback (3rd Edition)

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