Caroline Grimm: The Wizard of Cash Flow

Caroline Grimm, Business Financial Consultant, Author and the Wizard of Cash Flow

Caroline Grimm

Called the Wizard of Cash Flow, Caroline Grimm performs cash flow makeovers and financial rescue missions for cash-strapped business owners. She showed an early interest in business when as a child she started a berry stand with her brothers, organized the children’s section in the village library, ran a babysitting service, and while still in high school, did publicity for author Stephen King who lived in her hometown. She supported herself through college operating a business she called “Almost Anything for a Fee.”

In addition to her cash flow consulting practice, Grimm is the founder and owner of Church Mouse Publishing, a company that develops educational resources to help entrepreneurs create sustainable success. She is the author of two business books: Stop the Cash Flow Roller Coaster, I Want to Get Off! and Strength in Numbers: An Entrepreneur’s Field Guide to Small Business Finances.

Caroline is the author of the historical fiction series Voices of Pondicherry. She is also a writer of children’s stories and with Perley, her church mouse friend , co-authored two books: Dear Church Folks…Letters from Perley the Church Mouse and God’s Own Mouse: More Letters from Perley the Church Mouse.

She holds a Master of Science degree in Business and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business with a triple concentration in Accounting, Marketing, and Management.

Although she spends the majority of her time consulting, writing, and teaching about the marvels of positive cash flow, she occasionally takes a break to enjoy hiking, camping, songwriting, playing guitar, and quilting, preferably all at the same time.