Practical Advice, Experienced Support, and Creative Solutions for Your Small Business Money-Management Challenges

From The Wizard of Cash Flow, Caroline Grimm

Running a business is challenging. Everyone who has ever tried it knows that for a fact. If you’re like too many business owners, you find yourself fighting a daily battle to keep the ship afloat—struggling to make payroll, to pay your bills on time, to keep the lights turned on, and to have a little something left over for yourself at the end of the day. Maybe you feel like your business is running you instead of the other way around.

What you may not realize is this. It doesn’t have to be that way! Some business owners have businesses that are consistently profitable, have a predictable flow of cash to pay bills, and are actually able to increase their personal wealth by owning a business rather than being driven in to the poorhouse. What secrets do these business owners know that you haven’t yet discovered?

You’ve come to the right place to find out. What you’ll discover here is how to confidently move your business to a new reality. A reality where you are firmly in the driver’s seat, guiding your business predictably to increasing levels of success and prosperity.

Caroline Grimm is like the Wizard behind the curtain. She knew we already had everything we needed to run our business better. We just didn’t know it until she showed us how.

Jerry Bosse, Business Owner

Jerric Corp., Poland, ME

Regardless of where your business is today – whether you’re wondering if it’s time to cut your losses and throw in the towel or you’re wondering why your business just doesn’t seem to thrive no matter how hard you work – powerful resources and solutions are just a click away.

Every resource here is based on the scores of financial rescue missions and cash flow makeovers conducted by The Wizard of Cash Flow Caroline Grimm who has dedicated her career to solving difficult financial problems for her clients.

Anyone with the intestinal fortitude to go into business for themselves late in life better have the right support. In my case, Caroline Grimm is a vital part of that support. She has been a valuable asset, helping me see the business in a clear way. She provides insight that a non-business-oriented person like myself needs desperately.

Phil Sa, Engineer and Business Owner

Mana, LLC, Saco, ME

What you won’t find here is useless theory and dry, boring, chloroform-on-a-page textbooks. Caroline is known for her down-to-earth, lighthearted approach to teaching business owners the ins and outs of small business money management.

Who knew cash flow could be so comical?

Heidi Blake, Business Owner

Ace Insurance Agency, Denmark, ME

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